Indianapolis Bonsai Club

Club Highlights of the 1970's


The highlights of the 1970's included:

A yearly Glendale show with lectures and demonstrations

Yearly participation in the Broad Ripple Village Fair - displays and demonstrations  

1970 -
President - Dr. David Silbert
George Hull gave slide program and lecture at Glendale show

Meetings were changed to evenings to accommodate many people who could not meet in the daytime.

1971 -
President - Dr. David Silbert
E. Felton Jones workshops

1972 -
President - Max Mendel
Tashio Kawamoto from Japan - lecture, demonstration and workshop on Saikei

1973 -
President -
John Ward
Participation in Park Tudor Garden Club with Bonsai display at the school 

Members of the I.B.C. participated in a 1/2 hour television program, "A Bonsai Workshop", on Channel 20 with Bev Oliver moderating.

1974 -
President - Joan Wurzman
Keith Scott of Cleveland workshops

John Naka workshops

1975 -
President - Joan Wurzman
Castleton Mall display

John Naka workshops

1976 -
President - Bob Mogle
John Naka workshops

Bev Oliver, the club's founder, passed away in February.  

At the March meeting of the I.B.C., the membership voted to adopt the silhouette of Bev's first, and perhaps most prized Bonsai as the Club logo.  The tree is a procumbens juniper and appears on our club newsletter as well as on club stationery, and this web site.  Bev's juniper has also appeared on the cover of B.C.I. magazine.

1977 -
President - Bob Mogle
John Naka workshops

E. Felton Jones lecture, demonstration, and workshops

1978 -
President - Wanda Farr
John Naka workshops